Monday, April 30, 2007

White kitten

A few months ago I was in s friend of mine to take a shots of her little kittens. They were 1 month old. So - here is the picture:

I took many pictures like this one that day. You can see them at my site in the Animals, birds section. You can see bigger version of this picture here - white kitten

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another sleeping cat

When i saw this sleeping beauty i thought - HOW CUTE!!! I made him a couple of pictures and here is the result:

The other pictures of that cute kitten here. Also you can see this picture in larger dimensions here - sleeping kitten

Sleeping kitten

In a couple of months I was in a friend of mine. His cat had babies and we toked them pictures. Here is one of the photos:

The other photos of this visit are in my photographic site at the Animals, birds section. There you'll find also this photo in bigger size - sleeping kitten

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Resting kittens

In a few weeks i saw two little kittens taking their usual sunbath and i shot them a couple of times. Here is one of the photos:

The other pictures are in my photographic site. This picture is there too - kittens having a rest

Lying kitten

I saw a cute cat on the street in a few days and i took her some photos. Here is one of them:

You can also see this picture at my photography site - kitten lying in wait

Hello to all

Hi all,
This is my first post of my future photoblog. My name is Petar Mitchev and I am owner of - photography site. Here you'll find news about me, about my sites, and about my future projects.